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Added to the Deleted Doodles below. (Probably one of the only reasons i update this journal. Hah.)


SPLAT! - My own small CatCF fansite, go here for lots of stuff that never made it to dA or has been taken down since.

Willy Wonka Links
DarkSideWonka - Get evil with Wonka and the kids.

Wonka Slash - For Wonka/Charlie devotees.

Whangdoodles - CatCF fanart and fanfiction of every and all kinds.


Deleted Doodles and Writings


Batman/Joker - Blow You Away (NC-17)

Harry Potter</i>

Tom Riddle/Harry Potter - HP Kiss

Tom Riddle/Harry Potter - Struggle

Tom Riddle/Harry Potter - Aftermath

Tom Riddle/Harry Potter - Wet Dream Diary

Lazy Town

SportaSteph - A Blue Elf and a Pink Pixie

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Wonka + Charlie - Testing Tasties

Wonka + Charlie - Spring Loaded (Fan-comic):
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Smiley Skeletons 02 (Kirito x Kohta)

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Bedroom (Kirito x Kohta)

Show me Love (Kirito x Kohta)


Yami x Malik

Royal Blood (Yami x Bakura)


My Doodles.....and where they end up.

Well, for a while i've been wondering how to go about addressing this issue. Yes, it's the whole: Random Person: "I want to use your stuff......." thing. So, what's it going to be? Can you use my doodles, but have to ask me, link me, use disclaimers, host the pictures but not modify them in any way, ........not be allowed to use them at all?

Well here it is:
Take 'em.

Uh huh. You read that right, go ahead. Take 'em. Post them on your site, put them on your bedroom wall, make them into banners, chop 'em in half and throw 'em back together (hey, it's Humptey Dumptey! ), trash 'em, throw darts at 'em, tell people they're yours......whatever you want. You don't even have to tell me you're going to use them. (though it is rather thrilling to see where they wind up ^_~) Go right ahead.
So, wtf's wrong with me? I don't know. I just don't mind, that's all. o.O




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lillyleaf101 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I was wondering if it would be alright if I posted some of your Harry Potter art on my HP tumblr? With credit and links back to you of course! Thank you for reading!
Adohr Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
love ur art <3
unipal390 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Hey, just a message to say thanks a lot for Slipping Into Entropy, it really was amazing. The art and the story, I only wish there was more haha XD
xxroxasandkeyxx Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
I completely agree! You deserve an award or something for such a good story. I loved it and thank you for the pictures and the amazing ending! :D
lokisst14 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
So I stalked you er tracked you down from Slipping into Entropy, because it seems like Raz hasn't been on the internet for two years now XD (did something happen?) Anyway- HUGE fan of the story and your art. The way you draw the Joker, his face, is EXACTLY how I see him in my mind- the look in his eye- it's beautiful!
SolsticeCarol Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
I saw your gallery and... INSTANT WATCH! xD
ladyinwhitearmor Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
great art, great gallery :meow:
TwistedCynn Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
Your art is fantastic!!!! :D
ragged-ashes Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad to see you're still here. I miss you guys! Used to read SiE, and your art was always a fantastic addition to the words. Hope life's treating you well <3
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